Consensus on Fitness Ebooks

I personally am not a fan of an Ebook. And I have a long list of reasons why firstly I love books. I love the smell of them, the texture of them, the weight of them. I also like the fact that when you're reading a book you have a total sense of escapism from... Continue Reading →


Four Tips to Keep Active

I try to work out three-four times a week for a good 30 minutes on each occasion, but I know how hard it can be to find the motivation to do it. So if you are struggling I have a few pointers for keeping up morale and generating that momentum up of getting active. Change... Continue Reading →

Pause for Yoga

In a world where time seems so fleeting and precious pause and try yoga, I have and it all seems a little easier to face, I promise.

The Annual Bike Ride

Today was the village bike ride, where all / the most able bodied old and young meet to do a pub crawl around neighbouring villages in order to raise money for a local charity or as they insist on calling it a non profit organisation. To fulfill the eccentric category which we have been placed... Continue Reading →

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