Mackerel Pâté

Sometimes when I'm in a rush for work or have a left over bit of peppered mackerel I love to whizz up a simple pâté. It's great on toast or with a salad. Ingredients Peppered mackerel (one mackerel slice per person) Natural Greek Yogurt Lemon Juice Optional anchovy paste Remove the skin off the back... Continue Reading →


Addicted to Caffeine?

How many cups of tea do you drink a day? I love a good brew, particularly Yorkshire Tea. It’s strong, has an earthy flavour and is delicious with milk. It covers every aspect of your day – breakfast, lunch and tea. Have it with a fry up on a morning, have it with your fish... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Fat but I’m Not That Thin…

I love food, like I really love food! I hand on heart can say I have to constantly reprimand myself not to go for more food. To the extent that if I know a box of biscuits is in the same room I have to either remove them or myself from that room.

It’s 8:28

It's 8:28, I'm late for work. I have to leave the house at 8:27 to be on time. You wouldn't think that being a minute late could cause such a thing but trust me it does. I can't find my car keys, which is impressive considering my car keys have the largest, fluffiest pompom attached... Continue Reading →

Pause for Yoga

In a world where time seems so fleeting and precious pause and try yoga, I have and it all seems a little easier to face, I promise.

The Non Educational Interface of Social Media

Social media doesn't promote you being healthy and active, it promotes you looking glamorous and presenting the 'finished article'whilst being healthy and active. The sarcastic voice in my head says "No don't post that! They don't care if you run three miles, it's only acceptable if you run 30 miles!".

Tonight’s the Night

Miles around in the surrounding village taverns gossip was ripe, tonight was the night that Edmund was going to propose, tonight was the night that Luna Nightingale would turn over a new page, a page filled with glorious happiness and eternal love, with the wealthiest man for miles around.

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