Consensus on Fitness Ebooks

I personally am not a fan of an Ebook. And I have a long list of reasons why firstly I love books. I love the smell of them, the texture of them, the weight of them. I also like the fact that when you’re reading a book you have a total sense of escapism from the real world. The thought of reading an Ebook somehow seems to intrude on that sense of escapism, if you have your phone or tablet in front of you then there’s no escape. You receive a notification it comes through, somebody phones it comes through, an email pops through you hear it arrive. There’s no off switch for any of the senses. How can you elude reality when constant reminders are all around you ?

I have however had a change of perspective when it comes to Fitness Ebooks. Bringing the trauma of working out to our tiny screens enabling us to do it anywhere, anytime. Most of them allow you to download the Ebook onto three devices eg. Phone, Ipad and Laptop. So if you’re heading back from work you can head to the gym and it’s on your phone. Your partner is streaming something on the laptop you can use the Ipad and vice versa. You’re midway through a run and you can stop and do some core and glute exercises to make it that little bit more challenging.

The main reason I don’t go to the gym is because I don’t know what to do and also the fear of people watching and laughing at me as I contort and try to improve my body. But this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. These books are full of visual pictures of how you body should look when doing these exercises, they’re full of annotations about how it should feel, how to maintain your form and posture throughout to achieve maximum results. They even have routines you can do to target and hit specific aims that you have.

So like all my posts I’ve made a list of my top three fitness Ebooks which you should absolutely look into….

    1. #LetsStartYoga – This is amazing, I swear by it, I’ve been practising yoga for about a year or so copying what I see online and mimicking flows off Pinterest but this has superseded everything I’ve been using. It is full of advice, poses and flows. From basics to advanced and how to achieve maximum results.
    2. Ab’asanas – Straight to the point Ab’asanas is directly to your core. It’s about strengthening your abdominal muscles in a variety of ways and is also very arm intensive which makes a nice change. Full of dynamic movements and repetitions which you can just drop and do for ten minutes or really focus on as part of your core workout. It is designed to help with your yoga flowing abilities but is a great all rounder for anybody looking to improve their core strength.
    3. Nike Training ClubΒ – Okay so this one is an app but still it’s like an Ebook it has ranges of exercises from 10 minutes – 30 minutes. It shows you how to work and hold weights which is a godsend for gym amateurs like myself. It also shows you how to use them in different ways. Great for when you just want to work out and get it done within a short space of time.

So not sure where to start here is a list – the Nike Training Club is a free app so available to all. However if you do have some pennies to spend the other two are worthwhile and will last a long time. #LetsStartYoga is friendly to all and will benefit any exercise you may be doing as it will improve flexibility and mobility in the joints. Ab’asanas is slightly more tricky in terms of I struggled to begin with as it was very different from what I was used too. But if you feel you are fit and are looking for a new challenge it’s absolutely worth trying.


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