What is a Superfood?

Superfoods are everywhere… they’re mentioned in magazines, health blogs, aritcles, the press literally everywhere. Currently the top trending foods are Tumeric, Moringa and literally anything fermented it seems. But what are they ?

Google dictionary helpfully describes a superfood as ‘a nutrient rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being’. But surely there’s loads of food which is especially beneficial so is the terminology just a con? Having done a bit of digging it seems the term ‘superfood’ is not actually used by leading experts and nutritionists but rather one termed by modern media and the health craze.

So lets take it back to basic good nutritional advice, it is recommended that we have a healthy, balanced diet which consists of food from various different food groups. Which ‘should provide us with the right amount of energy to maintain energy balance’ courtesy of Nutrition.Org. To break the jargon down that means eating the right amount of food to compensate for the energy you burn on a daily basis. Eating healthy foods is a great way of doing this but most importantly it needs to be done in moderation. Eating plates full of fermented cabbage might help promote a healthy gut bacteria but it won’t necessarily turn you into an ‘It Girl’ overnight. Also finding fermented cabbage without making it yourself is pretty tricky unless you happen to have an organic health shop down the road which sells at a bargain price.

So I’ve made a little list of not so exotic ‘superfoods’ which we can incorporate into our everyday lives that are far more accessible.

Blueberries – full of fibre, potassium and vitamin C these beautiful berries are delicious and easily accessible in local veg shops. Pop them on top of your porridge on a morning or have them as a healthy midday snack.

Oats – high in fibre, antioxidants, helps the metabolism and lower cholesterol. Make overnight oats, porridge or pop them in the a crumble for extra crunch.

Green Tea –Β  full of bio-active compounds, which are antioxidents and nutrients. Essentially this aΒ  super powerful tea full of good stuff which will make your skin vibrant and protects it from damage. Have a cuppa every day but not too many it contains a lot of caffeine (and we all know my views on too much caffeine).

Eggs – full of protein, cheaper than a steak and easy to put into literally everything you cook. Have a boiled egg on a morning, omelette for lunch perhaps or some egg-fried rice for tea.

For more ideas and simple breakdowns of what we should and shouldn’t eat check out The Healthline which gives you a nice, simple breakdown of what we should be eating.


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