Four Tips to Keep Active

I try to work out three-four times a week for a good 30 minutes on each occasion, but I know how hard it can be to find the motivation to do it. So if you are struggling I have a few pointers for keeping up morale and generating that momentum up of getting active.

  1. Change your exercise, go running one day and do some yoga on another, go cycling or attempt a kickboxing workout. It’s boring running the same way every other day around the same place or on the treadmill. Switch it up! The benefit of doing loads of different exercises means they all use different muscle groups which will help you develop and tone all the muscles in your body not just specific areas.
  1. Use YouTube! It’s a free site, where hundreds of generous people upload workouts for you to enjoy and use whenever suits you. They’re not time dependent, there’s nobody watching its just you and your laptop. You can pause it when you just can’t stop sweating and desperately need to grab a glass of water. I love workouts by Fitness Blender they offer a range of workouts which you can pick and tailor to suit you.
  1. Find some motivation. Why are you working out what is your goal? My goal was to tone my body and to feel more confident. Use social media positively and find fitspiration on Pinterest and Instagram and use it to motivate yourself. I’ve mentioned this before but Instagram has a huge community invested in the healthy lifestyle movement that’s taking place around the world. Join in! When I first started running I had an Instagram page where I posted my times and distance. It did so much for me to be able to see my own progress and made me proud to share it with others.
  1. Accept that you won’t see physical changes immediately. It takes a good month or two to see physical effects of exercising. But almost immediately you’ll feel the improvement of your wellbeing and mentally. The benefits of working out are not just physical but mental too something which is hugely overlooked.



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